Twilight Is Not The New Harry Potter!

Okay, since this is my first rant, I'm going to do it on something that I've been thinking about forever--Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I hate Twilight. It bored me and honestly, it shamed all vampires. What I hate the most is that some people are saying that it's the next Harry Potter. Really, people? Who else finds something wrong with that? How are the two even similar? So what if Robert Pattinson was in both series. In Harry Potter, he was introduced and killed off in the same movie. He actually held a significant, if brief, role that I respected. Even though he died quickly, it gave Harry another reason to kick Voldemort's ass and that is freaking epic. However, in Twilight, he plays a sparkling vampire (WTF) that's in love with a mortal. Dude, where's the action in that? I don't see how it's the next Harry Potter. One, there's no magic. Two, there's no one massive bad guy. Three, there's a freaking live triangle. Four, THERE IS NO ACTION. Five, the "hero" does not draw me in with his personality. Six, there's no epically awesome castle. Seven, the characters aren't lovable. I could go on, but I might offend some Twilight fans.And what's with this Team Edward vs Team Jacob s***? It's not like the pairing wasn't already prescripted. You don't hear us Potter fans going "Team Harry" or "Team Ron" to decide who gets Hermione. Why? Because they's obvious from the door. Opposites attract, people! Harry and Ginny are just a great match. And if the two series are "so much alike" where's Twilight's own Draco Malfoy, hmm? Where's the arrogant, yet, lovable bastard that should annoy every hero? Every story needs one of those. Also, Bella's personality is as interesting as a speck of dust. She has emotions, yeah, but where's everything else? I could go on, but this may a bit too much for some of you. Until next time!

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K.D.Ownz ranted 7 years, 4 months ago.
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Chibi commented on this rant 7 years, 4 months ago.

I like Twilight but I agree with you with the fact that the vampires are offending to all the real vampires in the world.....But I find the werewolves are better but not going to what real werewolves are... I can rant about it later but I agree with some of this. \(-.^)/

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