Anxiety's a b*tch. it can leave you alone for months and months and then suddenly come back to bite you ...

Anxiety's a b*tch. it can leave you alone for months and months and then suddenly come back to bite you in the ass. You get one thing off your chest, then suddenly, something else comes to bother you, and after being bothered by so many things, you finally think its passed, when suddenly, oh, it's back. Joy to the f*cking world. I'm so fed up of this sh*t, constantly having to put up with worry nagging away at the back of your mind, gnawing away at you, ensuring you don't have a moments peace until you are embraced by the merciful arms of sleep, and coming back to haunt you the moment you wake up. If anxiety were a person, i would punch them in the face and kick them in the stomach, then bash their f*cking face against a brick wall and spit on them. That's how much i hate anxiety. It's like some hideous gremlin in your mind pouring worries into your head that just won't go away no matter what you do to dispose of it. They should invent anxiety repellent, that would be the best spray ever. Go away you vile little bastard anxiety. Nobody wants you, nobody needs you, everybody hates you.

I also hate when people who have never suffered with anxiety just tell you to get over it and relax. IT'S NOT THAT F*CKING SIMPLE. If it were, I wouldn't have this problem. If you don't understand anxiety, then don't even try and give advice about it. It's not like regular stress where you just need to get through your problems to be rid of it, anxiety haunts you no matter how your life is, and it's a pain to get rid of, like some fly swirling around your head, and you just keep trying to and failing to swat it, only unlike the fly, it's in your mind, and when somethings in your mind, it's much harder to get rid of it.

It p*sses me off, especially when I'm only being anxious about tiny insignificant details that don't even matter in any way, shape or f*cking form. You just find yourself constantly begging your mind to stop and leave you alone, as if your mind is some separate entity, like a school bully that just won't f*ck off and die in a pit like the vile swine they are, but of course, you are your own mind, and simply arguing with yourself just makes you go mad, driving the stake of anxiety deeper and deeper into the ground of your mind, till its lodged itself firmly in there and won't come out. It's maddening, it sucks all of your energy away and makes you want to shut yourself away from the world. I hate it, I despise. F*CK YOU ANXIETY, YOU STUPID C*NT.

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okami1995 ranted 7 years, 1 month ago.
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