"Best Friends"

You're a f*cking wh*re. You say "oh, I don't sleep with everyone blah blah." THAT'S A DAMN LIE. You've slept with more people in the past few years. And who hasn't seen you naked? Your nudes just circle around since you don't seem to care who sees them / you send them to anyone and everyone. And every time you get drunk, you seem to have one of those cliche regret stories. I'm surprised that your ass isn't full of std's by now. Especially since you slept with that one girl who had chlamydia. You slept with G****** after hanging out with him for a few days. You slept with N*** after basically just meeting him. You ARE a slut. I don't care what you say. The fact that you told me "sex is just sex" PROVES it. And I'm sorry my reply earlier wasn't insulting/creative enough for you. I hope you overdose again and just happen to get charged for cocaine possession. You're an awful person and you deserve all the sh*t you ever get in life. You shouldn't be surprised or wonder why nobody likes you. You're a stupid b*tch who sleeps around and talks sh*t about everyone. You're not special or nice or worth anyone's time, ever. You really need to lose some weight. Red hair looks terrible on you. "Rosecoloredhair" and "redlipsredhair" are the two stupidest urls I've ever seen in my life (creative? I think not). Lolsummer69 was better than those train wrecks. Your nose is too big for your face. You look at least half black. I know you try to hide your massive gut with your boobs when you take nudes but it doesn't work and you just look nasty, all hunched over. I'm sick of your sh*t. I really want you to go the f*ck away. Forever. Hurry up and move back to Georgia with your poor trashy father. I can't wait until you have no friends left here so you'll actually go. I've noticed that you've been losing all of your friends anyway due to your "amazing British boyfriend" who looks like a dyke (lipstick + 80's clothing, lol). Ever wonder why you lose friends so easy? CAUSE NOBODY REALLY LIKES YOU. THEY JUST DON'T WANT TO GET ON YOUR BAD SIDE. You're not a good friend. You never were. And you've never been any fun to be around. How you've ever had friends is really beyond me. Why I was ever your friend... I have no freaking clue.

PS if he* knew you had slept with so many people, he wouldn't have dated you. Even he thought you were a slut when you told him your number.

PPS I hope you go blind in your other eye.

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anonymous ranted 7 years, 10 months ago.
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