Well, I suppose this will be my new place to share my thoughts in considering there's no use in posting in my blog if there is no one left to read it.

Lately, I've been having lots of moods swings and I've been ten times more emotional than I usually am. I found it funny at first, all the sudden changes; the urges, the random-- Oh sure, NOW my girlfriend comes online. Tskkk... Anyway, as I was saying. The random and sudden mood swings... I thought perhaps it's because-- And I know this is going to sound ridiculous -- but perhaps it's because .. I'm turning 18?

I don't know. It's just a thought, it's just .. It's been some time now since I'm feeling so damn fragile. Though it's not that I'm depressed. Movies just get to me easier; I get teary eyed by silly stories, etc. Those sorts of things.

Rose won't let me concentrate, so I will finish this post here.. For now.

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Nyx ranted 8 years ago.
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