At first I couldn't believe that there were really horrible educators or TAs out there, but after tonight, I know ...

At first I couldn't believe that there were really horrible educators or TAs out there, but after tonight, I know there really really are.

In lab today, we had to run protein samples through a gel. We had to make our own gel which is not a big deal. Essentially, you put 2 slabs of glass on top of each other with quarter inch spacers in between. Set the glass sandwich vertically on top of rubber so that when you pour solution on the top, it doesn't leak at the bottom, then you clamp it in place.

Before putting the solution in, we checked for leaks by first putting water.

1st time: We put the first layer of gel in properly -- everything was okay. The 2nd solution used for 2nd layer above the first gel solidifies much faster. So, my partner and I were adding the 2nd layer to the 1st layer and she said to pour all of it, even if it overflows over the top of the glass sandwich. Then after that, you have to put a comb through the top of the 2nd layer to create "wells" (indentations where we can load the protein samples). The TA said to put the comb in once the layer began to overflow and we did. Then she said "oh why did you guys stop? Now there are bubbles..." Stop????! We poured it all in and it was overflowing!!!

So we had to redo it again...

2nd time: The TA herself checked the apparatus for leaks and she said there were no leaks. Once we loaded the first layer solution, there was a small leak and solution was coming out (because it hasn't had time to solidify yet). The other TA (the "head" TA) came in and saw the leaks, so she dumped all our solution into the glass, going waaay past the line of where the 1st layer should stop. Then she said, "Oh oops..." Then she tilted the entire apparatus to check out the leak, thus lifting up the glass, thus causing like half of the solution to come out from the bottom of the glass... WTH?!?! We could have just let it leak a little more down to the right level then applied pressure to stop the leak until the solution solidified!!!! She didn't have to tilt it so much that half of the solution came out! So that was messed up... and so we got a zero for that lab -_-

Professor said we should talk to him tomorrow after lecture.

I'm so really angry right now. Ugh. I hate this class.

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Calai ranted 8 years, 2 months ago.
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nachorittos commented on this rant 8 years, 1 month ago.

If someone screwed up my grade like that, I'd be pissed too. I wouldn't let that slide at all.

Calai commented on this rant 8 years, 1 month ago.

Yeah our group ended up getting some points back after talking to the professor today.

Unfortunately, our grades are curved within lab sections. I think, although, we lost a few points for this particular lab, our group has a good advantage in that we write really good data analysis reports.

These protocols per week are only worth 5 points. The reports matter most. But still, points are points and every point counts. Glad we got some points for that lab section.