RantFoo in a nutshell

RantFoo! is a place for people to let out their emotions through rants, whether it be good or bad. A lot of people have used RantFoo as a place to get advice by posting a rant. The RantFoo community has been very good at offering helpful and supportive feedback on people's rants. Users have also made friends along the way by posting up rants and commenting on other users' rants. We invite you to join the fun and friendly RantFoo community and look forward to seeing you around! =)

  1. Click on "Post a New Rant", and a rant box will pop open.

  2. Give your rant a title. If you leave the title field blank, then the first 20 words of your rant will be used as the title.

  3. Start ranting. You can type your rant in the text-box below the "Body / Rant" marker. Your rant will be saved automatically as you type, but you can hit the "Save Draft" button to manually save your rant. If you'd like to come back and finish your rant later, you can hit the "Save Draft & Exit" button to save your rant and exit out of the rant box.

  4. Before submitting your rant, remember to tick the checkmark labeled "Anonymous" if you want to post your rant anonymously. You can always go back and edit your rant if you want to change it.