What is Rant Foo?

Rant Foo is a place where people can come to share their stress, frustrations, sadness, happiness, or excitement. If you've ever sat in front of the computer screen late at night typing your feelings away only to have it buried in the abyss of files and draft emails, then you've come to the right place. Post a rant, earn some karma, feel some relief, and get some feedback while your at it.

Don't feel like letting the world know who you are? No problem. Just hit that "anonymous" check box and enjoy the warm cozy blanket of anonymity. Happy ranting.

When to post a rant:

You will find that anytime is a good time to post a rant, because there are tons of things to rant about. Throughout your day, you might encounter one or more things that frustrate you or something you thought was interesting that you'd like to post a rant about and share with other Rant Foo users. You can rant about a wide range of things: your morning coffee experience, family problems, work, school, life in general, something you came across on the way to work or during lunch, the news, politics, the economy, your driving experience, etc.

Ranting on Rant Foo is almost a hybrid between updating your status on your Twitter account and your facebook. When you rant, you’re sharing your current state of emotion with the world and you have the benefit of making friends with other Rant Foo users. The only diffence is, Rant Foo is an open system that allows you to message any Rant Foo users you want and easily make friends other Rant Foo user. You also get the freedom to type a rant with unlimited amounts of characters unlike a tweet. In fact, the Rant Foo community enjoys reading the details of your rant so please don’t spare us the details. ;)

As a word of caution, ranters on Rant Foo don’t support unappropriate content so please don’t post unappropriate rants.

Most rants are emotion driven. Some rants will be in a form of a letter directed towards a company or a person. If you need assistance or would like to submit comments about Rant Foo or feedback on your Rant Foo experience, please do e-mail us here: team@rantfoo.com.

What is a Rant?

According to Wikipedia:

A rant is a speech or text that does not present a calm argument; rather, it is typically an enthusiastic speech or talk or lecture on an idea, a person or an institution. Compare with a dialectic.

Rants can be based on partial fact or may be entirely factual but written in a comedic/satirical form.

Rants can also be used in the defense of an individual, idea or organization. Rants of this type generally occur after the subject has been attacked by another individual or group.

Rants on the Internet:

Rants on the internet are popular, notably on websites such as Rant Foo. The rants usually intend to be meaningful, but often result in nonsensical tirades heavily reliant on profanity. Most rants are often centered around various topics, including racism, the media, politics, fandoms, and various companies (such as Warner Music Group and Viacom) for muting or deleting certain YouTube videos. Ranters may go under a username on certain websites, or appear as anonymous to prevent negative reception from others.

Rants in Popular Culture:

Many satirical television shows features rants from comedians, mostly on recent events. Television sitcoms would also feature single or multiple characters ranting on a particular subject that is usually the focus of the episode.

In the UK series Coupling, the main character Steven would give a lengthy, aggressive speech about his views in a few episodes.

David Mitchell, a popular UK comedian, often rants in panel shows, paticuarly Mock the Week and Would I Lie to You.

What Ranting Can Do For You:

One of the best ways to relieve stress or emotions is to rant about it! If you leave all of your stress, emotions and feelings bottled up, you might develop potential health problems.

You can talk to a friend, relative, or just someone you’re close to. However, there are things you might not want to share with Rant Foo user you know. That’s why Rant Foo offers the anonymous ranting feature so that you can rant on about your problems and include the details without identifying who you are.

The benefit of ranting on Rant Foo is that you can get advice from other Rant Foo user just like yourself. By posting a rant and commenting on other Rant Foo user’s rants, you get to know other Rant Foo user from around the world. As a result, you might make a good friend or two. Rant Foo users have also found that Rant Foo can me a matchmaker. Discover it for yourself. Start ranting and commenting on other Rant Foo user’s rants.

Where is Rant Foo?

Rant Foo is based in Los Angeles, but Rant Foo users are located from all over the world.

Rant Foo is a ranting network powered by Rant Foo user of all ages from around the world, including Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Netherlands, Italy, France and many more! When you post your rants up on Rant Foo, you’ll be sharing your rants with a diversified group of Rant Foo user on the internet who play a part in commenting on your rants. Post a rant, let off some steam, and make friends while you’re at it!

The Rant Foo Community:

Even though Rant Foo is a place Rant Foo user go to rant, the Rant Foo community is actually very supportive and helpful. Rant Foo is not much of a heated ranting place compared to other ranting websites. A lot of the Rant Foo users like to joke around and sometimes can be flirtatious. When you post a rant, don’t be surprised to get an immediate comment on your rant. Some Rant Foo users enjoy posting long comments to Rant Foo user’s rants at time. The good thing for ranters is, this gives them a lot of insights from another Rant Foo user’s perspective. Remember to reply to other Rant Foo user’s comments on your rants, it’s a great way to get to know other Rant Foo users. Come frustrated and post a rant, leave with a possible solution to the situation you were ranting about. =)